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Which States Will Get Legal Cannabis Delivery Next?

The legalization and regulation of cannabis use is spreading – but what about legal cannabis delivery?

Delivery services are the natural evolution of legal cannabis, in a world where your favorite apps can bring food or groceries right to your door. However, it takes work to convince government and law enforcement that marijuana delivery is safe for their communities.

Currently only four states explicitly allow for cannabis to be delivered directly to the consumer: California, Oregon, Nevada, and most recently, Massachusetts. Even then, there are unique regulations surrounding each individual county, city, or town.

We’re happy to comply with all cannabis laws and policies. It’s an exciting time for our movement, and each day spent following the rules is another step closer to full acceptance of cannabis and the benefits it can bring.

So who’s next? The following U.S. states have been buzzing about regulating deliveries to better serve their citizens:


colorado landscape

The original legal cannabis marketplace, Colorado is home to hundreds of storefront dispensaries,  but not a single legal delivery service. That’s because delivery was never part of the adult use policies enacted there. However, just last week, a legal cannabis delivery bill finally passed via legislative vote. The bill is now awaiting the Governor’s signature.

Long drives through snowy mountain terrain could make the job challenging for drivers, but the profit potential for this state is huge. Congrats, Colorado!

New Jersey

suburban new jersey landscape

The newly-legal New Jersey market is off to a slow start, after a recent regulatory bill failed. The bill would have allowed expansions for consumer access to cannabis, including home delivery. However, the governor is optimistic about getting a New Jersey legalization bill passed soon.

New Jersey has a huge population and a close proximity to New York, where cannabis is still only medically legal. The state could easily move out in front of the east coast recreational cannabis scene.


urban washington landscape

Washington state was the second U.S. state to legalize cannabis for adult use nearly 7 years ago. Though the Seattle metro area and suburban areas are ripe with demand for delivery, it’s still not permitted there. 

Washington’s communities love cannabis, and people who live there deal with daily traffic as well as busy lifestyles. Allowing delivery simply makes sense. Last year, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board began a study on how best to set up a home delivery system, so change may be on the horizon for this west coast cannabis state!

Several other states are not far behind, including New York, Florida, Maryland, Michigan, and Arizona. We expect legal cannabis delivery to become an option for these states very soon.

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