Driven Deliveries, Inc. is simplifying the complicated logistics of cannabis delivery. As the first and only publicly-owned venture of its kind, with experienced cannabis professionals on staff, Driven has an early advantage in the U.S. west coast and beyond.

A Note from our President:

Welcome to the future of cannabis: delivery.

In an era where virtually all of our favorite things can be ordered and delivered within 24 hours, the needs of the cannabis industry are beginning to change rapidly. Retailers are nervous to take on the overhead costs and responsibilities that come with running a delivery service, while name-brand manufacturers lack licensed retail channels to support their brand and business goals.

Enter Driven. We are eliminating the hassle of running a compliant 21st century delivery service. Our turn key solution reflects years of experience running sophisticated dispensary and delivery operations. Now, we can give back to the industry in a meaningful way by handling every aspect of the business, from e-commerce to fleet management.

Join us in our mission to create lasting retail channels for the cannabis industry.

Brian Hayek

Cannabis Delivery is COMPLICATED
Management Requires Risk

Delivery is daunting: Clarifying regions, assigning drivers, purchasing vehicles, finding insurance willing to cover you, creating systems for compliance and logistics, and of course, covering overhead expenses.

Regulations Change Constantly

Do you have the expertise to keep track of all the complexities of compliance?

Customers Want Convenience

Stop losing your valuable customers to delivery services.