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6 Qualities You Should Look for in a Cannabis Retailer

How satisfied are you with your cannabis retailer?

Is your favorite dispensary checking all the right boxes when it comes to providing your ultimate cannabis experience?

The following qualities will help you determine if the store you’ve been shopping at is truly the one for you.


If you live in a legalized state, you’re bound to have a few licensed retailers to choose from, who get their product from licensed growers and manufacturers. In some states, you’re also likely to encounter some less-than-legal options, flying under the radar and capitalizing on high consumer demand.

Unlicensed dispensaries aren’t always pits of despair – however, they can be home to product that is mislabeled, contaminated or even counterfeit.

Choosing to shop only from licensed retailers ensures that you always get authentic, lab-tested product from a secure source. It’s the way to go if you want to buy cannabis in 2019.


This is an obvious one: how convenient is your favorite retailer? Are they in your neighborhood, down the street from your workplace – or better yet, do they come directly to you?

Is there usually enough parking? Does getting in and out take much time on a busy day? How about the prices? All of these are important questions to ask when seeking the most stress-free cannabis buying experience possible.


It’s often overlooked, but above all, your cannabis store should treat you like an honored guest, with a commitment to customer service.

Friendly faces are not only reassuring; they can also make or break your shopping experience. A budtender with the right customer service mindset will be much more likely to find a product that’s a   great fit for you. A personal touch leads to personalized service.


A quality cannabis retailer will carefully curate their product inventory – and the effort should show. Not only will they offer a wide selection, but they’ll keep it dynamic by regularly bringing on new brands with innovative products.

Of course, the widest selection in the world won’t matter if your shop never has your favorite brands and formulations in stock. Find the store with the best menu for your specific wants and needs. 


Another important thing to consider when picking your go-to dispensary is your connection to the information they provide. Do you prefer consulting one-on-one with your favorite budtender? Or, maybe you’d rather be able to flip through a digital menu and read about all the features each product brings to the table.

Whatever your style may be, you never deserve to be in the dark about your cannabis purchases, so  assess the level of education that you receive from your chosen retailers.


Does your chosen dispensary give back to your local community? Do they offer seminars or classes to educate and inform customers, or events to bring all their people together?

A community vibe is a strong indicator that your dispensary is headed in the right direction. After all, the tribe improves the quality of the store over time – and, it makes buying cannabis even more fun.

At Driven, we are dedicated not only to cannabis delivery, but also supporting local community retailers. We love Treehouse in Santa Cruz and People’s in Orange County. We also plan to give back with our just-licensed Mojave Desert cannabis store, which will open later this year.

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